Customize Gear at NSC Camp Store!

Welcome to the Northwest Soccer Camp Store, where your child can design their own T-shirt and/or hooded sweatshirt, as well as purchase beverages and snacks throughout the week. On opening day, once you’ve checked in at K, please visit us in the store and deposit funds (credit/debit cards only) to a store account for your child. For snacks, $20 to 30 is generally adequate, and more may be needed for clothing items (T-shirts $16, sweatshirts $38). Shirt prices include one screen transfer; each additional screen is $5.00. We encourage you to order clothing items early in the week. Your child will select from an array of designs to be heat transferred onto the shirt of their choice. Their personalized T-shirt and/or sweatshirt will be made that day.

When campers come to the store each afternoon to purchase items, the sale is deducted from their account. The amount of sweet snacks and beverages purchased is limited according to age: campers over 10 years of age may purchase two beverages and two candy/snack items; campers 10 years of age and younger may purchase one beverage and one snack/candy item. At check-in, please verify that store personnel are aware of food allergies. Following the closing of camp, unused funds in your camper’s store account will be refunded to the card used for payment.

If you miss the opportunity to deposit on Sunday, you may also contact to make arrangements for your child’s account. Please state the amount you want to put on deposit, your phone number and best times to reach you. Protecting your card data is very important to us and we’ll only call when able to securely process payments directly in our mobile app.

For more information, including snack and beverage pricing, please visit our web page: